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While research into Galdrastafir (staves), runes and related subjects takes up most of my time, I support myself through the sale of graphic designs based on my research. The designs are either a remaster of original manuscript staves or else custom "new" staves created by me for individuals seeking them and these are primarily used for tattoos, i.e. a stencil the tattooist can copy onto skin.

You can order many "off the shelf" popular staves at a very low price on my Shop page. Or if you want something unique or special, write to me and we can work together on it.

Galdrastafir is very much an Icelandic tradition from the early modern European era. There was not any tradition of tattooing there, however that probably has more to do with resources; Icelanders did not have access to needles or ink to make tattoos. HOWEVER... Galdrastafir were frequently made with blood and sacrifice, often directly on the users on skin or at least with the intention to be carried always with them. This certainly applies to both Vegvísir and Ægishjálmur. In addition, my research shows that the application of these staves was flexible rather than strict and often were adapted to local conditions and beliefs. In other words, getting these made as tattoos is in keeping with both early and modern traditions.

Vegvísir Tattoos:

 Path Guide - carry this sign with you and you won’t get lost in storms or bad weather, even though in unfamiliar surrounds.
edgar's tatt amber's tatt robert's tatt sarah's tatt
Edgar P.
Sydney, Australia
Amber W.
Oregon, USA
Robert S.
California, USA
Sarah U.
New York, USA

Ægishjálmur Tattoos:

 Helm of Awe: - for victory over one’s enemies, defence against wrathful rulers, calming of anger, protection of cattle or to get a favoured girl.
Galdrakver: Lbs 143 8vo midwintercrone, on Instagram Rahoorkhuit? by Wez of Bluebird

Veldismagn Tattoos:

Power Enhancer - so nothing evil will harm you, and whole and healthy will you come home, whether traveling by sea or land.

Veldismagn from Einkaeign Stafabok stephanie's tatt
Einkaeign Stafabók
Iceland, 1928
Stéphanie F
Paris, France
Jessica Garbutt
LaMaga Tattoo Art

Hulinhjálmur / Hulinshjálmur Tattoos:

The Concealing Helm - this stave can make you disappear when you so wish.

Hulda and hulin is derived from the Old Norse meaning hidden with many references to hidden-folk in Icelandic folklore and even stretching back to a Germanic witch named Hulda. Most probably not meant to be taken literally, this stave has a more relatable meaning of keeping out of harms way or staying out of trouble.

hulinshjalmur from Lbs 4375
From Lbs 4375
copied from 1676
Neil E
New Zealand
Max B.
Munich, Germany
Fabian D. C.

Other Tattoos:

Griffin, US
Fred Apotropaeos
Sara Abeiramar
Sator Arepo Square
Cristina, Italy

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